Bridal Flower Design Course


In this course Rose Cao will provide you with advanced techniques in flower arrangement so that you can best apply and implement what you have learned, with which you mix the basic knowledge that helps You are easy to practice and do not have difficulty in this course. It can be said that this course combines the basic and advanced skills so that students can learn the lesson in the best and most effective way.



This course includes 10 lessons teaching you 10 different shapes & forms in European Flower Arrangement . This is a right course for you if you are a flower lover without any floristry foundation and:



* Announcement: From 1/9/2018 we will increase the fee of this course upto 3 times of the current cost (3.9 million / 1 course/person). Cost will be 11.7 million / 1 course/ person (Reason for this is that Rose Cao wants to encourage students to participate in Eco 3D flower bouquet course to reduce the amount of plastics waste which is not recycled by the wrapper used in the current flower bouquet) Existing fee is still applied for students who apply before September 1, 2018. Thank you for your interest!



Studies have proved that children are very curious creatures and they should be encouraged and supported to explore new things. Sometime giving them challenging activities and let’s them overcome is a great way to recognize their efforts and making them feel independent in their future.

European Lifestyle Floral Design Course PART I


This course includes 10 lessons teaching you 10 different lifestyle floral designs. Not only are you learning about flower arrangements but also using a variety of materials to create beautiful designs that are both artistic and sophisticated. This is a right course for you if you have gone through basic floristry for at least 2 years or have taken our basic floral design course.

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