Like adults, Kids love praise or rewards to feel motivated. However there are other ways they are self-motivated such as:
- Learn something new they never knew before
- DIY something on their own
When kids achieve something even very small, it helps to build up their sense of self-worth and being confident at themselve,
Studies have proved that children are very curious creatures and they should be encouraged and supported to explore new things. Sometime giving them challenging activities and let’s them overcome is a great way to recognize their efforts and making them feel independent in their future.
At the end of the class students will know how to care for flowers, make flower food, and create a flower arrangement with different type of flowers. They will also experience the emotion of giving flowers when they take home their own arrangement!
Sample class structure:
1. Why do roses have thorns?
2. Why do people call “Sun flowers”?
3. What do you feel when you receive flowers from kids?
4. Basic Color wheel.
5. Practise flower arranging.
Course included: 4 workshops/ 4 hrs (each workshop/1hr) – Happening every Sat (9-10am)
This course is suitable for children (age 5-12 years old & are confident handling scissors/ knife)
Master Instructor: Rose Cao
Fee: VND 1200k/ per course/ 4 design/ per month/ per child
Fee included:
- Floral accessories such as: Knifes, scissors, wires and tapes.
- Buckets & Waters & Flower food.
- Box/ basket/ glass vase, ribbons
- Fresh flowers & leaves.
- All others such as fee for intructors, transportations & space rental.
To sign up, you need to click "going" and make full booking 2 days before the workshop by Cash or transfer to below account:
BIDV bank Branch NAM SAI GON (South Branch)
Account number - 13210000272095
Account holder - CAO THI HUYEN
Thank you for your interest!

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