European Lifestyle Floral Design Course PART I


European Lifestyle Floral Design Course
This course includes 10 lessons teaching you 10 different lifestyle floral designs. Not only are you learning about flower arrangements but also using a variety of materials to create beautiful designs that are both artistic and sophisticated. This is a right course for you if you have gone through basic floristry for at least 2 years or have taken our basic floral design course.
You will learn the following:
1. Leaf design
2. Flowers on Canvas
3. Flower Neckalace
4. Orchid Minature
5. Flowers cage
6. Flowers with eggs
7. Flowers with fruit
8. Flowers & paper
9. Open Terrarium
10. Flowers & Candle

Tiểu Cảnh Mở

Hoa & Giấy/ Flowers & PapersFlowers & Fruits (Hoa & Quả)
Style Mini Orchid (Tạo dáng hồ điệp mini)
Fee: 10.7 million VND / person / course (you can bring flowers home after each lesson)
*Please note: This program does not have an accelerated mode.
Fee above includes:
- Floral accessories such as: Knifes, scissors, wires and tapes.
- Buckets & Waters & Flower food.
- Boxes, glass vases, bamboo tray ...
- Fresh flowers & leaves & other accessories such as egg shelfs, candle, papers, aluminium wirer...
- All others such as fee for intructors, transportations & space rental.
Flowers & Candle (Hoa & Nến)Leaf Design (Thiết kế lá & hoa)
To sign up, you need to click "going" and make full booking 2 days before the workshop by Cash or transfer to below account:
BIDV bank Branch NAM SAI GON (South Branch)
Account number - 13210000272095
Account holder - CAO THI HUYEN

Thank you for your interest!
To see more of our students works, please check out our Lifestyle Album! CHEERS!

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